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Certainly he would give Cal Fussman a run for his money. Mike Rowe you may now from Dirty Jobs, but I am going to read his bio because I had enough to drink. Having spent some time with Mike now, this is very fitting. I am going to read the entire paragraph so bear with me. Just got back from spending some time after the interview with Mike. Here we go, Mike Rowe from the website: Mike Rowe is a TV host, writer, narrator, producer, actor and spokesman. It was Groundhog Day in a sewer in some way shape or form, even if you are wrapping a boat. But it was, you know, apocryphal for me because on the way up the escalator what was really going through my mind was, “what in the hell am I going to talk about here.”Because the Discovery Channel had sent me down there. So Discovery is one of the sponsors of this thing and they send me down there. I was always on the lookout for interesting agricultural misadventures, and ways that we could, you know, be intelligent, but at the same satisfy the more puerile aspects of my viewers– God love them. So, I thought this is visually both alarming and potentially stunning. You know Dirty Jobs was constantly under attack by an army of angry acronyms. We were talking, before we started recording, about the creative process, just a little bit, and the trap and the temptation of the blank the page, and parameters, creative constraints.This episode I will say is so worth listening to in its entirety because we cover:… His performing career began in 1984, when he faked his way into the Baltimore Opera to get his union card and meet girls, both of which he accomplished during a performance of Rigoletto. So another episode that sort of ties us back to our experience at TED/The EG that were sort of part of the same parcel is… You know I had long since fallen off the christmas card list of OSHA and PETA and the Humane Society. You mentioned maybe one example, correct me if I am wrong, but that is focusing on the first take.But you seem to have just an incredible, innate– and I hate to use that word, but I’ll throw it in there just for the fun of it– ability to improvise and perform. Everybody was talking about the importance of authenticity back in 2003. I learned that lesson early on and forgot it for about 15 years. I took a tour and I remember being so impressed, at the time– this was probably ‘99, with the control room and the units and dollars per minute being moved by different presenters. One so the producer could tell me how I was doing, or beg me to stop doing whatever it was I was doing. One day, if there is time, I am going to write the book because it was just wild. Because remember, for me the products were there to be made fun of. I looked into the camera and said, “If one of you people at home. Could you please call in so my producer can put you on the air so you can tell me how this works? And I got overwhelmed with phone calls– hundreds of people– which at in the morning is saying something. The thing that chapped my ass more than any of them was . Then I did the thing that is the hardest thing to do and that is to figure out how to love something that you didn’t think you did.” So, “always follow your passion”, for me, became “never follow your passion, but always bring it with you.” So we live in an area, Northern California, where you have a lot of very wealthy and simultaneously very miserable people. I mean I personally use journaling in the morning and trying to practice gratitude because historically I haven’t been good at it to be quite frank. ” Bill’s like, “About 700-800 years.” [Historian]: “It is more like 1100.Then with Dirty Jobs had a chance to circle back and live it. It was during a performance of Der Ring des Nibelungen, Wagner, interminal derg. I didn’t need to be on stage for the intermission obviously, but then for an hour after, which meant I could walk across the street and watch the football game at the Mount Royal Tavern, dressed as a viking, which of course I did. If you limit yourself to simply saying, “yellow,” then you are going to be out of time real fast. Well, because you are a busy executive in the middle of a busy day and when you need a pencil and open up that top drawer of your desk and gaze into it, you don’t want to play some sort of game with your receptors. You want to know where that pencil is and what better way to do it than by this bright canary shade of yellow. And then another one to handle the live phone calls, which were extraordinary. You know it was like early television, early radio. But, in defense of home shopping, I have great fun in looking back and casting aspersions, but the truth is I learned more in my three years at QVC than I ever learned anywhere about anything. And I’m talking to you, you narcoleptic, lonely heart right now. Hundreds of people called in to tell me how to do my job on live TV. Look, I am afraid the honest answer is that I don’t know. How many people do you think have lived in this little hamlot during that period of time? This is Tim Ferriss and welcome to another episode of the Tim Ferriss Show. And by a bit I mean two bottles with a friend of Pleiades by Sean Thackrey, which I highly recommend. OK so there is a guy named TED and he is down in Monterey and we need you to go because we are sponsoring his thing and introduce some people and say something smart on behalf of the network. When I walked in, I saw the giant banner hanging from the ceiling. I realized very quickly that I was there in fact to say something something not only memorable, but recordable for posterity… Beyond the spectacle of it, just a great way to connect people to their food because artificial insemination is in fact… For me, as a 32 year old kid out there in the world, it was maybe the best freelance gig I had ever had because they issued a thing called the D3. If you walked up to the gate– this was pre-911, obviously– but if you walked right up to the gate, showed them the D3, the agent takes it, looks at it, her eyebrows go up because she doesn’t see a lot of them, it’s just for the board basically. You know, I am wary of earnestness in and of itself, but I wanted to be authentic.

First off, we appreciate all the tips on the bank robbery from yesterday.In those days, at QVC, you know it is not like Fortune 500 companies were lining up, begging to be on as they are today. This was an older piece that just came to mind when you mentioned Bryson’s piece. But honestly the best ones you don’t know their names. I am very lucky because I have used whatever little notoriety I have to just relentlessly leverage my way into that space because I just love doing it so much. He is just, “I can’t read this shit.” Back and forth he goes with the producer. I mean the greatest living director and actor is, at that point in his career where he is doing, you know, gallow. I had a friend who got the license to do phone cards, which at the time (in the early 90’s) were very big in Europe. And what if when you called that 800 number to access the long distance platform, what if you were confronted by a voice, say mine, that said ‘Welcome to the Star Trek Information Platform. To listen to original content from your favorite Star Trek characters, press two.” You press two and you open this world of old time radio where you can take a klingon language lesson. The false dichotomy between the two, where people choose one or the other.People would go out and do whatever they could to maintain a three or four thousand SKU inventory. People have asked me and I am just going to answer the question here. because I have very specifically recommended the audio book… The really great narrators are utterly anonymous and transparent. She was in the original Mash, named Sally Kellerman. What made her voice so unusual is that it didn’t strike me anyway when I was watching her act. But, it was just one of those voices when it is disembodied and right there on the radio, oh my god. You know he is just consumed with loathing because of it and he is taking all of that angst… I think one day years from now, when people who write books about this stuff look back at celebrity and the cults of personality and just the arc of a career. They never caught here to the degree that everyone thought they would. He had the idea of saying look,”What if you bought 0 of long distance and you put it on a calling card. The blessing and the curse of having a book with title a title like is that people never seem to forget it and that people never seem to forget it.I said, “Rick, what the hell are you doing.” He said, “I am auditioning for that guy’s job tomorrow. It was elegant in a way that I know you will appreciate as a guy who measures some value of efficiency and effectiveness. But I want you to harness whatever enthusiasm and passion you can muster for this #2 Pencil and do not stop talking until I tell you to.” I learned later that anyone who could do that for 8 minutes was immediately hired and put on a 3 month probationary period, where you were giving enough rope to truly hang yourself from 3-6 AM every morning on live television. You might even leave the viewer with an image of the person mixing the paint to create the exact shade of canary yellow. It was just an endless smear of adverbs and unpronounceable things. Kidding aside, it was probably the most honest channel in the entire cable universe. Mac Donald who lives on the Busted Flush, which is a barge he won in a poker game. When he works, he busy himself recovering that which has been stolen or conned away from people who… So, the Travis Mc Gee mysteries are really adventures that are told through the eyes of this quixotic character whose really a philosopher. There is a color in every title: , Pale Gray for Guilt, Bright Orange for the Shroud, The Lonely Silver Rain, A Tan and Sandy Silence, Cinnamon Skin, Nightmare in Crimson. So Mc Phee has won at least one Pulitzer Prize, maybe 2. He has written an entire book on hand carved canoes. But the fact that he was there, and the fact that Priceline came along on its heals….QVC is in town and they are having an open cattle call down at the Marriot and I am going to go see if I can get an actual job.” So I sat there, dressed as a viking, drinking National Bohemian Beer, arguing with Rick over the dismiss of western civilization. It was elegance personified by a company who had abjectly failed to create a workable audition process. The home shopping industry is just the part of the map where it says “here be dragons”. Then, of course, you can touch on the application process. There must have been corporate policy frowning on swords at QVC, but of course they got there own channel later on. We had “In the Kitchen with Mike.” We had knives with full tang construction I recall, you know…The metal runs all the way down into the handle. He is a knight errant who, like I said, comes out of retirement to do these quasi good works; he keeps 50 percent of what he recovers of course. But Mac Donald put Mc Gee so far ahead of his time. He’s written Coming Into the Country, which is about the Alaskan wilderness. The pages are rustling and he is getting his copy together. I will never forget watching him make that deal with Priceline and thinking, “Hmm, this will never work.

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